Dog to Bucket 1

At first we were toying with Crystal
But Dave said it wont be as dry as the Mistral
Walking up to our new goal
We soon found Dog Hole
We dismantled the wall
And then started to crawl
We dropped in to Hey
But it wasnt the way
Down through the Jungle
We then had to bumble
The stream in Monsoon
Was reached really soon
Up over the watershed
The duo began to head
At Breakdown corner we got to a bend
Not far from here, the cave used to end
Up through a choke
No need of a rope
A thrutch into Bucket
It looked like wed cracked it
Exchanging cold looks
We flew through the ducksWe were starting to get cold
By Westmorland Gold



Near the end of the Mission
The Spanish Inquisition...
There we discovered a hoard
Left by the Dark Lord?
A swig of the sherry
Made Dinny quite merry
Dave tried a bit
But then started to spit
Before very long
I detected a pong
Then I looked in the tin
It belonged in the bin
If Id had a mince pie
Id have started to cry
They were all covered in mold
Even though it was cold
There can be no doubt
They need taking out
But we hadnt a bag
So my finger Ill wag
Please tidy the cave
Your reputations to save
Else with my next verse
I might cast a curse...


1 Dave Ramsay made me write a poem about it - because of his dig in Byron Pot

Dinny Davies

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