RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 47 Number 1 Article 3

February 2010

A Day in the Life of Imgonnahaveabitch

Disgruntled of Bull Pot Farm

So the world is in trouble, sea levels are rising, ozone layer’s disappearing, CO2 is building up, the weather’s more violent etc. etc. How can we hope for the future when supposedly intelligent people like RRCPC members and guests behave in such irresponsible way?

Let’s recycle our tin cans and bottles, oh yes, that means let’s just leave them at the farm full of mouldy beer or fermenting milk, that’ll help

Let’s feed the starving millions, oh yes, that means let’s buy loads of food and then leave it at the farm to go rotten and let someone burn it all, that’s a waste

Let’s reduce global warming by having the heating on, then propping open all the doors at the farm, hmmm! I don’t think that works.

We could save water by not washing up when we leave, well that only means someone else has to do it later, not really a saving there!

So why the rant? Because poor old Imgonnahaveabitch turns up midweek and has to sort out all the sh_t left behind by you lot before the next guests roll up to enjoy our wonderful facilities. Fridges left full of mouldy margarine, smelly milk and jars of penicillium/jam. Shelves full of thousands of almost empty bottles from banana ketchup, tomato and brown sauce, chilli, curry and …….so on, all of dubious parentage that no one in their right mind would ever dare to use.

And by the way can I point out to those helpful souls who do occasionally do the washing up that a sink hole full of rancid fat, rice and spaghetti starts to really pong after a week of hot weather so maybe cleaning the sink, bowl and pan-scrapers might be in order. I feel that the real Ivan had far less onerous tasks to perform than some our members after the club has had a GOOD WEEKEND at the farm.

Then there’s the problem of clothing, soiled undergarments left drying in almost any room, jumpers and coats on most door backs, not to mention the caving gear. I said don’t mention the caving gear! There are full SRT racks lying around, over and under-suits and so many variations of gloves from heavy-duty welders gauntlets to pink Marigolds, all of course with holes in and full of wet smelly mud. Socks! How do people not notice they are only wearing one sock and the other is on the bedroom floor, changing room floor, farm lane, hedge or wall?

Mars bars help you work, rest and play, but obviously don’t improve your memory as having eaten them people can’t remember they stuffed the wrapper down their front underground and it’s going to fall on the ground when you get undressed. Even so why leave it there, it’s LITTER?

These energy drinks really annoy Imgonnahaveabitch, as they don’t give enough energy to carry the empty bottle after the contents have been drunk, they should be sued under the Trade Description Act.

Enough! Enough! I hear you say. Well yes I guess I did go on a bit but honestly………………..

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