RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 47 Number 1 Article 1

February 2010

Downstairs at Bruno Kranski's

Bill Sherrington

Sat 17th July 10.00 am rendezvous at Inglesport with Mr. Penrith and Co and time to catch up with old friends Mr Pacey and Mr Windle over breakfast. Its been a while since I last saw them and in the meantime Mr Windle has been shopping . This time for a few metres of PVC which he has fettled into a new oversuit.

I enquired if it was stitched with deer sinew or seal intestines . "No" he proudly announced, " I have been to the plumbers merchants and procured pipe weld. "

Anyway after busting a few chops over the best dig, the usual upstairs better than downstairs dig snobbery .We parted our ways only to rejoin Mr Penrith and Co on the fell.

On arrival I spied a certain red post office van. Erupting from it was Mr Windle sporting his new cave fashion accessory.

A lurid orange over suit, round and rotund, no neat tucks or darts and the arms a trifle too short. The whole windle vision reminded me of my childhood in the 70's .

He was the spitting image of a furry faced space hopper. Topped off with his homemade plumbers merchant glow lamp. Fantastic!

As for the downstairs dig. We shored up the boulder slope enough to dig through the sandy crawl on the right hand side of the choke and pushed forward 4m to a rather terminal looking boulder choke. It crapped out ! Another lead ticked off now leaving the downstairs slot in the floor of Bruno Kranski's that takes the water to proddle at.This will need much engineering. Scaff in situation though.

After exiting cave Mr Walsh and myself ventured up to Bull Pot Farm. Outside none other than Sam Lieberman and Mr Ray Duffy getting ready to go off across fell. Ray had a large pick axe in the tackle bag strapped to his back. The sharpened head of the axe looked set to give Ray a good smack on the head. Being conscious of the impending problem I advised Ray that he could do himself a nasty injury. Our local psychiatric guru Andy Walsh announced that Mr Duffy might give himself a lobotomy and warned him that he could come back from the fell all cheerful and happy.

We went home quickly after that.

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