RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 46 Number 1 Article 8

February 2009


Gary Taylor

December 08

I eventually got around to meeting up with Peter Devlin & Beardy the Sunday following Christmas. We met in Bernies for a quick brew then set off for Hurtle Pot. Peter & Beardy were diving as a pair so I dived solo. Beardy was doing a weight check at the entrance so that left me to dive 1st, I had been warned by Peter that the line could well be broken so I took it nice & slowly. It turned out that the line was intact until the ascent up the Hindenburg Wall at 29m depth.

Peter & I had intended to carry on up the wall to Frog Hall but due to the temperature I decided to turn for home, Peter arrived at the base of the wall as I turned & Beardy had turned just before due to his third being depleted (along with mask & regulator problems). The return journey was slow & steady & took in a 3 minute safety stop at 5m (according to Peter we were very close to a deco stop) Peter surfaced a couple of minutes behind me obviously feeling the cold too, it was then the struggle up the mud slope to dekit, change & head off for tea & medals as Peter would put it .

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