RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 45 Number 4 Article 9

October 2008

Club Library: From the Archives - 1950

Mel Wilkinson

The club library is probably better known for its vast collection of caving and other related books, club journals and surveys. There is however an ever growing “Archive Section” where old documents and diaries of earlier years caving activity can be found. With the death last year of Ron Bliss the library acquired many new items to this section. Now that these have been catalogued I thought it would be interesting to publish over a period of time some of its lesser known items.

One interesting item is correspondence between the then British Speleological Association (BSA) and the Red Rose relating to access to Lancaster Hole. The Club was at that time denied access to this pothole, then a new discovery, unless they had been issued with a permit by Eli Simpson. It was this unrestricted access which had led earlier to many northern cavers leaving the BSA and their subsequent formation in 1946 of the Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club and the Northern Pennine Club.

BSA had at that time taken out a lease on the entrance to Lancaster Hole from the landowner and had installed a locked steel lid on the entrance, the remains of which can still be seen today.

This lid had on several occasions been “blown” off by “persons unknown” to gain access to the cave, and it was this “unauthorized access” which led to these letters.

The first letter in May 1950, is from Eli Simpson Hon. Recorder of the BSA to our then Hon. Secretary Wilfred Taylor of Wilf. Taylors Passage fame.

A second letter followed in June 1950 from solicitors acting on behalf of the BSA to George Cornes, who was discoverer of Lancaster Hole back in 1946.

I’m not sure what if any replies were ever received from the parties involved but the subsequent discovery of passages from Oxford Pot and other entrances in Easegill beck directly to Lancaster Hole and beyond meant that the lease on the entrance to Lancaster Hole was then useless in restricting access to the cave.

The rest as they say is history……..

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The Yorkshire Dales, Landscapes and Geology: Tony Waltham (2008)

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The Caves of North-East Wales - an introduction to (Flintshire and Denbighshire) (2008) Cris Ebbs

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Eli Simpson/T. Greenwood (1933-1934)

Boundary Pot - Ease Gill (1951)

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