RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 45 Number 4 Article 8

October 2008

Rescue Practice Weekend

Rat Duffy

4 Oct 2008

Saturday – start 10.00 a.m. CRO depot in Clapham

Jack Pickup gave us a summary of the main reasons for call-outs and broke it down to W.W.W.W or tell somebody Where you’re going, When you expect to get out, Who is with you and What sort of expertise/competence/equipment the group has. That at least will save the CRO searching every fell in the Dales for people who are already out and in the pub. We then had some fun carrying a stretcher around the depot and up and down stairs, believe me it’s not easy to coordinate six people of differing sizes while trying to keep the patient level, even if it was just a dummy, like the rest of us. Then the talk from their friendly doctor, John Duncan who gave us the holy grail

•Don’t Panic (I’ve heard that before somewhere)

•Engage Brain (a little difficult for the Red Rose)

•ABCDE - Airway & Neck (look, listen and the bit we like, feel) - Breathing (check rate, chest movement & tenderness) – Circulation (pulse and bleeding) – Disability (AVPU, I blinked and missed what that meant, & head injury) – Extremities (other injuries)

•then there was a lot of stuff about monitoring patients for changes etc

Then Slug showed us how to administer drugs, well talk about teaching your granny………. and also oxygen, boring, but life assisting. Then finally we headed for the SRT rig at Ingleborough Hall, this would normally be a nice and dry-ish place.

By now though the predicted weather had arrived and there was torrential, driving rain and the occasional bucketful delivered from the overhanging trees when shaken by the wind, lovely!

It’s difficult to describe the amount of pain and thrutching that went on for the next 2 hours, while we rescued people on the rope and hauled others up the rope and generally got well and truly stuck, thank heavens for the handy ladder. I’d forgotten how unpleasant rescuing someone can be, so the answer if poss. is don’t get in the situation. Let’s not take novices to places where they can f..k up big time.

Thanks to Slug and Pete Devlin for arranging everything. Next meeting is to be held at Miss Whiplash’s place for more water torture, rope work and whipping.

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