RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 45 Number 4 Article 7

October 2008

Alternative Conference Report Hidden Earth Otley 2008

Bill Sherrington

Saturday morning. It was a huge rush to Otley to get there for the 10.00am start for the Northern Round Up. Managed to arrive just in time to be greeted by an irate Wendy Williams, the big conference manager who in broad Mendip roared at me;

“Were you in that bloody tee-pee last night. You should have heard the noise from it, Pringle and women singing like a pack of dogs until dawn woke the whole bloody campsite up, neighbours and other campers complaining already and we haven’t even started it’s, the end of hidden earth we will never be coming back here because of this.”

I immediately signed in as Andy Pringle, wrote out my name badge as such determined that the end of the conference everyone would be called Andy Pringle. Why should he get all the glory.

Tee-pee turned out to be non other than temporary Red Rose HQ of Heather and Beccy.

Paid over £25.00 and bugger me the fire alarm went off adding an hours delay to the proceedings throwing into cock all timings of the event.

Attended some interesting talks about scaffold clamps, saw peoples photo’s some nice pictures of calcite enjoyed.

Red Rose had a good showing;

•Enjoyed seeing my visage on Footleg’s winning picture show.

•George North on Ireby and his tribute to Neil Pacey,

•Jim’s magic bus trip he froze his arse off in Turkey back in 71, had to walk home.

•Missed Andy Walsh’s packed out Barbondale extravaganza. Very popular and apparently a good presentation of Red Rose achievements

•Mr Pringles is there no end to this 6k presentation about Cow pot in Mat Lorenzo.

Visited club stand by way of tipping wine over the opposite display. Thought about buying a Sten light and books. Too expensive.

Then to the pub, then for a curry, then back to the stomp.

Arriving back I was amazed at least a 3rd of the punters had changed their name badges to Andy Pringle. I was approached by various people about joining Red Rose. I might have recruited Dan Hibberts from Eldon PC too.

Stomp finished 1ish went back to camping field to be greeted by scene from Hell. Full on Row Dan vs. the Mendips as he had brought his car onto the field and was playing music. Screaming and chest beating, no punches thrown.

Wendy Williams back on the scene roaring at the top of her voice “your all banned. my lover”

Stayed up late drinking cider with reprobates until Hugh St Lawrence broke out the ouzo at 5ish. Seemed that the only people up partying were Sue Ryal ex red rose and current red Rose members excluding Mr Pringle.

Sunday Blur. Except for Earby pump presentation. Went home early, went to bed a mess. Well done everyone

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