RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 45 Number 4 Article 6

October 2008

Family Caving Day

Andy Hall

Bullpot Farm 16th August

It was billed as a Family weekend at the Farm, caving with the kids. I was expecting a few to turn up, especially Andy Mac and Bill with his daughter. I travelled up to the Farm with my boys Elliot aged 13 and Jonathan aged 11. When we arrived just after 10:30 to my surprise Boz was there with his seven-year-old son Zach but no sign of anyone else. Later Emma Holborn arrived with her two sons Ted aged 9 and Henry aged 12 and her partner Martin, who had not been caving before. They had to go to Bernie’s to hire some lamps so we did not get underground until 1 p.m. Meanwhile Boz and I went to rib the entrance. Elliot and Jonny take up the story.

Elliot’s Tale

In the way up to Bullpot Farm I was feeling troubled and felt like I was going to waste my day but as it went on it got much more entertaining. I was not looking forward to the fact that it would be dark, wet and dirty. When we got to the Farm there was lots of hanging about while Dad sorted out what was happening. We had our snacks and got our caving gear on. We also had a chat with other people there. Later we left for the cave.

It was only a short walk to Bullpot of the Witches. It looked like a big gorge with a wonderful waterfall going down it. After a photo at the entrance we safely climbed down the side of the gorge and deeper into the cave using a rope that Dad and Boz had put there earlier. We then got to go down a small ladder into the cave. We all climbed down one at a time into a chamber. We climbed down into a larger cavern with a waterfall. We got rather mucky when we clambered through the narrow passageways. We also had to crawl through a muddy passage and find the way out for ourselves.

Some time later we climbed back up the ladder at the cave entrance and used the ropes to climb up the side of the gorge. We got back to the Farm and changed into our normal clothes and scrubbed down our caving gear. Then we packed up our kit and went home. I felt tired once I got back home because of all that had happened but after a good shower I felt as good as new.

Jonathan’s Tale

We left home at 9:30 in Dad’s car. I was thinking about what it would be like in the cave – dark and wet! I had been down Long Churn Cave last year with Dad, Fran and Ruby. When we got there I was a bit shy because I did not know people but I met Boz, Zack and Emma. We had something to eat, got changed and then had to wait around while the others went to get some lights.

When we got to the cave it was sunny and cloudy at the same time. We stopped at the entrance for a photo. When we got to the rope ladder I was really frightened to go down. It was really thin and the ladder was thin as well but Boz helped me. When we got down the cave it was good. We explored the passages, got our shoes wet, got messy and ate chocolate. It was good! The passage was enormous with sunlight coming in and a waterfall. Some other bits were small and low. I had to crawl on my belly.

We went back up the ladder and I went up first. I got stuck and had to climb on Dad’s shoulder and kicked him in the ear then Boz pulled me out on the rope. I had to wait for the others at the rope and then we all went back to the Farm. It was the scariest thing I have ever done but I was pleased with myself because I had done something new.

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