RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 45 Number 3 Article 2

August 2008

Keld Head

Alex Fletcher

26th May 2008

In the intro to Gavin Newmans Wookey Hole film he says " cave diving is all about keeping on the right side of being out of control". Well I got that bit wrong. After kitting up on a sunny but very windy day I over balanced in the pool and spent the next 10 minutes clearing large amounts of green weed from my person.

My last dive in here was in 1980 or 81 and the vis today was too good a chance to miss out on. I took the short route to the 110 mtr airbell and then carried on up the Kingsdale passage passing an old glove tied to the line at about 250 mtrs. to the 335mtr. corner just wandering from side to side enjoying the place in the 4mtr. vis. After a brief look up the Marble Steps inlet I turned at about 350mtrs.still within thirds of the 7’s but getting a bit fed up with my buoyant feet. ( I need ankle weights on my suit)

A leisurely trip out was had using the bottom crawling method.

No airbells were visited and I surfaced after a dive of 47 minutes. I then waited 20 minutes for a car to come along so I could be unzipped from my suit.

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