RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 45 Number 2 Article 10

May 2008

Red Rose Library:

The club has been fortunate to have recently been bequeathed all of the late Ron Bliss's caving books, sound recordings and photographs. The task of cataloguing this material will take some time, and we are grateful to Pete Mohr, Jim Newton, Mel and Sandra Wilkinson for their time in undertaking this work. Hopefully in future newsletters we can itemize some of the unusual items. Below are a selection of some of the items recently received: To access the full library catalogue go to:- www.rrcpc.org.uk/libraryhome


British Caving - an introduction to speleology - C.H.D. Cullingford (1953)

Wayside Guides to Settle District (date unknown) - No. 4. Giggleswick Scar and Caves

No. 5. Settle to Scaleberg Foss and Attermire, No. 8. Settle to Catterick Foss, No. 13. Natural History Notes (Settle area), No. 19. Malham to Gordale Scar

Guide to the Caves of Furness (1958)

English Lake District, The - illustrated guide (1925)

Caves of LaCave - illustrated guide

Grottes de Han sur Lesse & de Rochefort - illustrated guide

Cave Research Group of Gt. Britain Publication: No. 4. - A Brief Glossery of Welsh Topographic Names

for Walkers and Cavers. by Arthur H. Hill

Caving Glass Slides:

Boxed collection of 141 3" x 3" glass caving slides - mainly taken by Ron Bliss.

Sound Recordings:

A selection of the annual dinner tape shows produced annually from 1956 – the 1980’s

Other recent acquisitions:

Cave guide to Slovenia, Ian Bishop (1997)

Cave Geology: Arthur N. Palmer (2007) 454pp

Swildons Hole - 100 years of exploration Irwin, Dave,;Moody, Alison; Farrent, Andy (2007)

Caves of Meghalaya (2006)

Caving Club publications recently received:

British Caver, The Vol. 129 (Spring 2007)

British Caving Association: Newsletter No. 8 (Jul 2007), Handbook 2007-2008

British Cave Research Association:

The CREG Journal: No. 69 (December 2007)

Compass Points: Issue 37 (March 2007)

Speleology: Issue 10/11 Special double edition (Aug/Dec 2007)

Caves and Karst Science: Vol. 33 No.2 (for 2006)

Cave Studies Series No. 17 (2007) - Grotte Casteret

Newsletter No. 8 (August 2007)

Cave Diving Group: Newsletter Nos. 166 ( January 2008)

Imperial College Caving Club: Journal No. 22:

The Hollow Mountain (1974-2006) - Jamarska Sekcija Pd Tolmin (2007)

Chelsea Speleological Society: Newsletter: Vol. 50 No. 4 ( April 2008 )

Craven Pothole Club: Record No. 89 (January 2008)

Descent Magazine: No. 201 (April/May 2008)

Grosvenor Caving Club: Newsletter : Issues142. (February 2008)

Mendip Caving Group: MCG News Nos. 346-348 (December 2007 - March 2008)

Occasional Publication No. 5 - A Retropective View (2007)

Societa Speleologica Italiana:

Speleologia, Anno XXVIII - (Dicembre 2007)

South Wales Caving Club: Newsletter 126

Westminster Speleological Group: Newsletter No. 2008/1 (January 2008), The Bulletin - Vol. 9 No. 9 (January 2007)

Sandra Wilkinson

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