RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 42 Number 2 Article 4
November 2005

County Pot

19 June 2005

Team: Simon Jobling, Ray Duffy, Stuart Bennet and Sarah White

The morning after the Helwith Bridge bash, I woke up in my car, fully clothed and minus my smoking tackle with the mother of all hangovers. I had a shower in the club hut and felt slightly more alive and Tim E and Andy H and Bramble crawled into my car and we set off to 'Inglethief' for breakfast. This helped to bring mind and body together and the next stop was the farm to meet Ray and the rest of the team.

We set off in bright sunshine and carried the customary stones to dump on the path and made our way to the entrance. The ladder was dropped and we life-lined the pitch to keep the H&S men happy.

Down to Broadway and off to Toadstool. We branched off left and into The Gallery where Ray took over route finding and led us through a twisting, crawling muddy and wet passages to Upper Molluscan Hall, Lower Molluscan Hall, and Dismal junction and back to Platypus Junction. As I have not really explored this area it was really interesting and apart from a few whimpers about the wetness in Dismal Junction we all enjoyed the Duffy tour.

Next we approached Ignorance is Bliss. I recently did 'Iggy Bliss' but the other way so again a new thing! The opening passages involve some squeezes and climbs but these were passed with little difficulty. On to Cotton Chamber and the down climb into the streamway. This was a bit trickier as it was muddy, wet and slippery but with a bit of good teamwork we overcame this and shot off in the direction of White Line Chamber.

The streamway is fantastic here, cut by the water rushing through it, at times getting chest deep in times of flood, definitely not the place to be! White Line Chamber is a big Aven with two waterfalls and an amazing line of white fault, which looks like a rope. Back to the climb up to Trident, then to the old ladder to get to the top of White Line Chamber. We read the RRCPC old message board at the top and crawled off to Splash Inlet and out through The Battle of Britain Hall.

We reached the ladder with a bit of a struggle to get out of Broadway and derigged it in good style. Ray is the best ladder wrapper I have ever seen. It was still hot and muggy on the surface and we returned to the farm, repairing the path as we went. Ray explained the real way to make tea, denouncing all other forms of this drink (fruit, herbal, Lapsong sushong) as ungodly.

Back at the farm we met up with Johnny BD and discussed unbelievable occurrences like his Belgian exploit and Ray's friend who lost a contact lens (unbelievable!)

A real good trip, thanks Ray for your guided tour another piece of the puzzle of County has been added and hopefully will be remembered for next time.

Simon Jobling

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