RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 40 Number 1 Article 4
May 2003

Traditional Boxing Day Walk

The escape from relatives, children, wives and that turkey, always provides a mass gathering of the Red Rose in the Lakeland hills each Boxing Day. Tradition was broken early this year as members and friends assembled "on time" at Elterwater Common. (Who says no one reads the news-sheet!)

So approximately thirty Christmas refugees divided into four parties:-

The "A" team lead by Chris Kinghorn went to the Langdale Pikes together with Swanny but, an "A+" team of Neil, Tanya, Sam L. and Paul Windle headed for the big stuff - taking as gospel my news-sheet suggestion of a suitable walk for any hard members. Driving up the valley they parked near Blea Tarn, and then climbed Pike O'Blisco, the Crinkles and Bow Fell (some!?) before returning via The Band to the car as darkness beckoned. - Phew!!

The main contingent milled around the Elterwater facilities (the bogs!) for what seemed quite a long time before walking up to the Elterwater Quarries. Here the party divided, and the "B" team struck up towards Lingmoor, whilst Ron Bliss lead a "C" team on a pleasant meander along the valley.

The B team continued along the ridge stopping for lengthy photographic opportunities. (Jim!) The "squeeze" on the ascent of Side Pike also provided some entertainment as some (Pete Llewellyn) were spotted trying avoidance tactics, but in the end capitulating, removing his rucksack and pushing his way through. The rest of the party slid through with ease, as Jim Newton made it another photo opportunity.

Lunch was taken on the summit where we re-grouped and a presidential decree decided, that progress thus far being swift, the route on should be extended to take full advantage of the daylight hours. A swift descent to the Blea Tarn road followed - (Tim carried his dog!) Here, Jim Newton attempted the second rebellion of the day as he attempted to head down into Langdale, but the die was cast, and he soon realised he had no choice but to follow the crowd.

Taking the path around Blea Tarn we soon arrived in Little Langdale where a short detour by some of the more adventurous was made to visit the "cathedral", before re-joining the main party as it made it's way towards the Three Shires Inn (closed!) In need of urgent refreshment a rapid return to Elterwater followed, where the party assembled outside the Britannia Inn to sample the delights of a pint of Bluebird bitter.

And so... at last, it was now time for the main highlight of the day, after all that's why we all came, and most of us headed for Foxfield and the Prince of Wales. Stuart and Linda provided us with copious amounts of beer and food and, for those who chose to stay the night, somewhere to lay their heads.

Sandra Wilkinson

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