RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 38 Number 1 Article 6
April 2001

Trou Mile to Trou Heretiques

25 July 2000

Andy Powell, Shane Harris, Chris Daly, Dalek.

In stark contrast to yesterday's trip a totally satisfying and well rounded trip with variety and sporting situations.

Once past the entrance pitches and narrow rift climbs in the stream the passage widens to traverses over pools and seems to finish at a muddy sump.

Back tracking a few metres saw a small hole as the way on into the rest of the system. A steep low crawl leads to several strenuous climbs up, down and around to eventually reach the Salle de Trou de Vent, a massive inclined passage heading upwards for about half an hour to the way out via Heretiques.

Met Messrs Hall, Hare and co, busy ensconced in light failures, borrowed equipment, faulty camera gear and dropped tackle bags. Otherwise they seemed in high spirits!

We charged up the slope at the end of the big chamber and took our bearings as to the correct way out. It is on the right and is a narrow passage followed by the pitches. They start as pleasant open shaft but degenerate to grotty unpleasantness by the time the entrance is reached. A rather heavy down pour greeted us but we all agreed it was a superb trip.

Robert Bialek

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