RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 38 Number 1 Article 16
April 2001


3rd August 2000

Joined the queue for the border and got fed up with it and the weather - misty and not likely to change, so decided to take the peage tunnel in the hope that the weather would be better in Spain. 33 F and blue sky and warm as we drove round Andorra to Seu and then into it from Spain. Petrol stations by the score. Took a left turn off the main road up into the mountains through Bixesarri and landed up back in Spain for lunch - a picnic. Then vied with queues in Andorra La Vella, got fed up and went up another pass to Ordino. Later on spent two and a half hours in queue at Pas De La Casa on way back. Diesel / pollution fumes were horrid. Found dinner in Ax Les Thermes and got back at 12.30. Mel and Sandra spent hours in queues there and back as well, and arrived after us. Why go to Andorra? For the scenery! Not for seeing those people rushing about in a thunderstorm desperate for their duty free fags.

Pic Gigantes : Autres-les-Bains

31 July 2000

Alan Richardson, Helen Sergeant, Samuel Davis, Benjamin Davis, Jim Davis

Went to climb a mountain. Chose this one because there was a lake we thought we could have a swim in nearby. Nice scenic drive to Arbas and then up pass to Etang de Lers but found swimming was forbidden - only a fishing lake. Past para-pontists who were taking the easy way up and parked at Port de Lers at 1500 metres. Then chose Pic de Gigantes as target and walked slowly up through plants and butterflies to Col at 1800m, and then on up to the top. Great view all around and on up to the Llapiaz. Lots of peculiar holes!! Then Helen went back and drove the car round while the others went down via the Port de Saleix to the road along the GR10.

Grotte de Bedeihlac

Show Cave near Foix 2nd August 2000

Huge cave big enough for aircraft to take off out of!, but disappointing for actual archaeological stuff even though the guide was very good. A bit of imagination required, but a couple of drawings very obvious. Take your own lamp if it's a good one as it is worth it.

Guess who we found had been there and did some of the original work - George de Caunes. Well he did get around, didn't he?

Also used BCRA membership card to get 30% discount.

Grotte de Labouiche

Show Cave

Boat trip. Brilliant, not to be missed. Superbly decorated cave turned into three different sections of canal along which you are pulled in a boat. Some of the descriptions of the stals will amuse you.

Grotte du Mas-d'Azil

Show Cave

Drive in, park free. Show cave to pay (we didn't do this). Impressive, worth looking at. We did this on the way to "The beach" - actually Lac de Moudely, a lake with an artificial beach and lifeguards, so good for children. Lots of other people went to this cave.

Jim Davis

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