RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 38 Number 1 Article 13
April 2001

Search for the Grotte de Bourusse

The day started with myself and Chris Daly going to look at the Grotte du Goueil di Her. From here we walked back into Arbas and had a little rest and a look around the paraponting centre.

When I finally decided that it was time to move on to look for the cave entrance, we bumped into an old bloke of 61 years called Ron who insisted that he come up to help me find the entrance.

I left Chris in Arbas (who was more than insistent on drinking the afternoon away) and I was given a lift in an old rusty Renault 9 with the smelliest dog I have ever had the displeasure to meet (Brutus).

Ron kept on referring to an entrance he called Le Poudac Gran and informed me that this was the best point to start the search for the Bourusse. So we drove up to the footpath where the walk was about to start. This was about 2km to the west of Arbas. The path up is near two small buildings on the roadside and there is ample parking off the road.

We started to walk from the car park and crossed the river and up the footpath for about 200m. This path soon closed down so Ron recommended that the best way on would be to climb the hill direct through the forest. This was real hard going as the angle was near 45° and the ground was not good, (full of mud, leaves and rotten wood). We ascended about 400m up the hill in a SSW direction and then looked around for about half an hour for the Poudac Gran when we found the entrance. I was very impressed by the large hole in the side of the hill, around 3m in cross section, the passage sloped down in a curve and I estimated this to be about 45° and 10m to 15m deep to where it levelled. There was little sign of draft and no markings to signify which shaft this was. I was convinced that this entrance was Bourusse but Ron told me it was not. (I now don't believe him.) The GPS reading I got was very inaccurate (not even on the map) and Ron gave me his map ref. For this point as 481,850-3078,-770m.

From here we walked around 150-160m West without climbing and then I climbed around 40m to a line of boulders. From here I traversed the line of boulders, where I came across an open space that had been made by a large tree that had fallen down the hill. I took a GPS reading here that gave me a reference of 31T 0327654 UTM 4761083. Crossing this on the map against the French map reference I think that Bourusse was covered by the roots of the tree and lots of rocks and spoil from the collapse as it looked like there was a cave behind this. (I should reckon the French ref. against the GPS reading taken.)

We walked back to try and find Le Poudac Gran and this was near impossible to find (an indication of how hard route finding can be in the woods.)

On the way down I found the entrance to a cave marked SCC95.

Milton Grimshaw

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