RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 38 Number 1 Article 12
April 2001

Pène Blanque - Photos and Video

29 July 2000

Cast, not necessarily in order of appearance:
Slug : Stunt man, best boy and second best boy.
Marion Dunne : Female lead, makeup and wardrobe.
Dalek : Cameraman, director and grip.
Andy Hall : Gaffer, lighting and bull shit.
The Bats : Fly on the Wall characters.
The Irish Team : Extras.

After a false start when Bill got a better offer and went off with another team, I managed to talk Marion and Slug into our photo trip. Well we needed someone who knew what they were doing. By 10.30 we were all ready except for Dalek. It was after 11 when we eventually set off. This production could easily run over budget!

We parked up and packed our sacs except for Dalek, who was travelling light, shorts and tee shirt. A pleasant stroll up to the col followed by a steep slippy slide down the other side and we arrived at Pène Blanque entrance. It was now dinner time - Equity cards produced and the female lead threw a tantrum and we all had to stop for lunch. A quick change and we all climbed up the fixed rope to the entrance.

Here the fannying about really began. Dalek got out the manual for his digital video camera and read the instructions. While Slug wandered around placing slave flash units for his camera gear, I managed to take a few snaps with my digital camera.

One of the two entrances, from inside

We eventually got going with Dalek filming as we went. We only had normal lighting with two of us using FX5 lamps. We filmed much of the entrance series in glorious Technicolour and took numerous still photos. The highlight of the trip was bumping into a group of bats in the cave. We even managed to get these on film, at least they show up in the still shots that Slug took.

We had nearly finished for the day when the Irish team showed up abseiling down out of the roof from a top entrance to the cave, having had an enjoyable trip. They gave us some stick, which we duly returned! After about 4 hours of this tomfoolery we called it a day and made our way out and back over the hill to the bar in Arbas, where we all crowded around Dalek's camera to see the results.

A very entertaining and enjoyable trip. I still haven't seen the full film results Dalek!

Andy Hall

Marion Dunne in Pène Blanque

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