RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 38 Number 1 Article 11
April 2001

Trou Heretiques to Trou Mile

(To de-rig Trou Mile)

29 July 2000

Jim Davis, Bill Holden, Mark Wild, Andy Mac, Angela Hare

Quite an early start but not quite the 10am we had aimed for! We gathered at the car park and enjoyed a pleasant walk up the track to Heretiques. The passage from the entrance to the bottom of the pitches seems to be all on the same inclined bed. A short set of pitches lead down into a series of smaller passages into a big chamber, just big enough to see across with an FX5 10 watt light! We then found the connection with Trou Mile - a knotted rope on a greasy climb followed by some muddy chambers, rifts and worm tubes and out in to the streamway. This was followed upstream to a 10m pitch. The rope had acquired a bad rub point just below the bolt. A tackle bag had been used as a rope protector but had to be held in place by someone to be affective. Use proper rope protectors! There was also a bolt on the opposite side for a deviation.

Oh! I forgot to mention Angela produced her breakfast during the trip. She had had to postpone normal breakfast due to a rough trip on the waltzer at the Fairat, the St. Girons Festival, the night before! Anyway she offered her breakfast round and it went down very well.

The derigging continued. We enjoyed the beautiful passage, formations, climbs etc on the way. The flowstone climbs look dodgy but have far more grip than you expect, making them reasonably easy. We all thoroughly enjoyed the trip and went for a beer in Arbas.

Jim Davis

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