RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 34 Number 1 Article 7
April 1997

The Brightness of Christine Bleakley

A wonderful Light has gone out in this World.
Just one little slip took the life from a girl, who meant
Oh! So much to us, that mere words cannot say
How sad we all feel now Christine's gone away!

Yet her spirit's not gone from "The Farm" or the Dales.
These are places she loved, where her spirit prevailed
Like her "Three Pots" achievement. What a First! What a climb!
Only Christine could do that - and in under the time!

King Pot, Penyghent, Meregill, three classic Yorkshire pots,
And in one go, Christine the first female (ever) to bottom the lot!
A real big tick, well deserved and hard-earned
Achieved by a devoted caver as far as we are concerned!

Now then! She would not want us to all mope about!
Can you not still hear her jump up and shout
"Oi! Come on you lot! Get cracking! Get dressed!
'Cos we're all going caving to work of that sesh"!

No! You can't tame a spirit like Christine's - No Way!
Which is why, in a sense, she's amongst us today
And she'll always be with us, out front of the pack
The very first out and the fittest one back!

So, remember her brightness and smile when you do.
Those mad food-fights, ABBA and that funny accent too!
In fact all of what made her as loved as she was
Especially by Chris, who adored her of course!

Though a lovely life's passed, so will sorrow and pain
But our love for this girl in our hearts will remain
And the Brightness of Christine is a light that will be
One that burns bright for ever in the RRCPC's history.

August 1996

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