RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 34 Number 1 Article 6
April 1997

White Scar

13th October 1996

Ray Daffy (Co-ordinator), Bill Holden, Cameron Durie, Rick Scott, Sam Carradice, Liz Boyes, Paul Wilkinson, Steve Duckworth, Dennis Bushell, Julie & Peter Mohr (Zig & Zag), JAK, M Walden, Tom Sykes, P Gregarey

Great turn out met at the White Scar Cafe for tea and bacon butties.

I'd always wanted to visit White Scar beyond the show cave but it was always 'out of bounds' to cavers so hearing of Pete Grants trip in July described graphically by Mel, I got my wet-suit out of mothballs, repaired the holes and headed underground for the first time in ten years!

A quick count (15), check lights (Ray doing his co-ordinating) and we were off through the show cave. Youth (racing snake) set a cracking pace so we'll look around on the way out. Into the cave proper and straight into Long Stop Lake - great fun in wetsuits - bags of noise, splashing, traversing and inevitably swimming!

Ray waited for the back markers at the boulder-choke (you didn't tell me about this Mel!) Quite long thrutchy and interesting. Brought back some memories of real caving, stationary in an S shape, head and shoulders in water waiting for sorneone in front to move - such comments as "Sure we didn't come this way last time" add to the fun. Fortunately I'm still ferret shaped.

Into the main stream passage - a superb rift steam passage for splashing and wading. The party split at the junction of the great rift. Paul, Bill and The Water Babies went for a look at the sump whilst Ray, Sam and I enjoyed a wallow of various muddy inlets. Good draught and lots of semi-abandoned digging gear didn't tempt me to start another Fairy Hole (Warton Cray) dig.

Some of the wet brigade returned and vanished down and up various nooks and crannies. Difficult for our leader to have a count of heads before a leisurely return trip. It really is a superb passage and has quite a few good formations. Swam most of the lake on the way out and blinded by the lights of the show cave, dripped on the tourists and emerged for more brews and bacon butties in glorious sunshine.

Slight flap as our revered coordinator counted heads (13) - no Zig & Zag - happily they emerged under their own steam they had been up in the roof somewhere.

A great trip and interesting the way a cave changes. The show cave part is a big bedding cave with a flat roof, the main stream passage is a large rift and the continuation to the duck and sumps is a perfectly shaped phreatic passage. Well worth a come-back trip - see you underground in another few years!

Tom Sykes

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