RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 33 Number 2 Article 7
August 1996

Extract from a Night Down Langcliffe Pot

Friday 25th January 1992

Neil, Pete and Dalek

When I phoned Neil on Tuesday to see if he was into some midweek caving, he said, "We might be going down Langcliffe Pot with Dalek on Thursday" so I hitched up from Portsmouth and met Neil and Dalek at Bullpot farm and they announced we were camping for a couple of days.

Thursday morning saw us walking up the hill with farmers driving all over the fell in tractors, Landrovers etc. We managed to look like walkers most of the time, but when the farmer was feeding the sheep in the field where Oddmine is we had to try and hide behind a rise in the fell.

Unfortunately he spotted us and drove over and warned us "not to go down them pot-holes" After assuring him we were only going for a walk (he didn't believe us) we got changed and came down. So I hope he hasn't filled in the entrance when we get back.

After 3 hours we were at Boineau falls chamber. Really fine caving and after passing The Worst Boulder Choke I've seen in my life we shortly arrived here, had some scoff and went to New Fearnought boulder choke and on the way back attempted a climb Dalek had spotted before. After bottling out from lack of decent gear we came back to here (The OK Corral) and tried the Dig Round The Comer. It went.... 20 ft to a 4 inch wide rift! I had another scoff and went to bed. Friday morning: Thanks to Sarah for the use of her super cosy pit. Just had breaky and off out in a minute.

Pete Hall

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