RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 33 Number 2 Article 4
August 1996

The Search for the Wretched Easter Eggs

Staring: The Pace-eggs, Martyn, Steven & Keith
Featuring: Uncle Ray Eggsport Duffy

It all started a long long time ago (several weeks), Keith asked Ray to accompany him & the young pace-eggs on a trip. Ray readily agreed having already experienced the little darlings close up on several occasions. Knowing them to be hardy & excitable he knew he would enjoy himself.

Rendezvous at 11am, the Paceys were changed and playing in the stream. County Pot was suggested, via Stream Passage and out of Wretched Rabbit. Bog monster failed once more to ensnare us and a pleasant walk over the fell found us at County in good time with ladders & lights.

The lads were lowered down, Ray got everyone to turn their lights out and get used to the dark for a few minutes. Off we scampered down the winding passage with Ray in his element eagerly pointing out the various shapes; straws, stals, pools, flutes. At every stop Ray would talk to the young explorers about the cave.

Steven asked "Why do you always have a cigarette when we stop ?" Martyn asked "Can I have a go?"

At the junction for Wretched, Ray told the boys we were approaching Rabbit County and to shout up the passage for Mr Rabbit to set out the Easter Eggs for them. Once inside Mr Rabbits burrow we struggled to keep pace with the young Egg hunters, their specialist small frames easily flew throughout the narrow twisting passage - where we had to traverse they just ran along the bottom.

Showing no fear they were very reluctant to be helped at all up the climbs. Once above the last climb Ray asked "What's up there?' pointing to a narrow passage to the right. "It' a rabbit bum just disappearing." "I can see it" said Martyn. "Eggs" said Steven joyfully.

Outside the kids munched away merrily putting some chocolate in the entrance as thanks. Martyn joined the many who have slipped in the pool outside. A nice walk back and a brew was a fitting end to a successful Egg hunt. Back some time next year for more Egg hunting.

Keith Pacey

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