RRCPC Newsletter
Volume 33 Number 2 Article 1
August 1996

My Weekend

Saturday 22 June 1996

I had my birthday party and four friends, me my Mum and Dad went down Giant's Cave in Derbyshire. Everybody was very exited because some people hadn't been down a cave before. There was a stream running down the cave in a thin passage. It was very slippery and we had to pass messages back to tell people what was coming up.

We saw a massive stalagmite which used to be a column but had been broken. We went to Base Camp Chamber, Boss Aven and then we went to look at the waterfall at Garlands Pot. On some of the walls we saw watermarks called scallops which show where the stream used to flow and how fast it went. We saw some flowstone as well and one bit looked like an elephant's head.

Mum got the birthday cake out on the way back and we all turned our lights out while she lit the candles. Dad took us to the first sump while Mum went out and then we had to come out on our own. We had a picnic outside and then went home to have a game of football, before everyone went home.

After the party we packed up our camping gear and drove up to the Dales to the Red Rose Party. It took ages to get there and me and Alice couldn't understand why we were going so far. As soon as we got to Borrins Farm we went to look for Charlotte in Wilf's van because I was starving and Dad wouldn't stop for chips. Mum and Dad went to find the beer. This took ages but I had a great game of hide and seek with Hartley, Anthony, Catrina and another Girl. They were looking after their parents as well.

Sunday 23 June

It took Mum and Dad so long to find the beer that they missed all the games, so I woke them up at seven thirty for a game of cricket. Ang and Jak came across later (much later - Ed) - they didn't want to play cricket so we played football instead but they weren't very good. After this I went off witf the other kids to play the best game of all: Waking up Neil and Pete. They sent us off to get some beer for breakfast. We found the beer much quicker than Mum and Dad. I thought beer for breakfast might be a joke but Catrina said it was bad luck cos we had started pulling it so they would just have to drink it.

The campsite was fantastic and you got a brilliant view of Penyghent. It was worth the drive up and I enjoyed playing with everyone. It was hard work looking after all those adults though!

Joe Scott

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