Visit Little Lechuguilla

 (bucket required)

Just how do I get there? Well Little Lechuguilla is situated in the Graveyard Series near Skittle Alley the most westerly point of Easegill (not suitable for pregnant women, small children, people with heart conditions or old fossils with cameras).
So go there and discover for yourself the delights that Little Lechuguilla has to offer. Once down the 35ft pitch you can see at once the magnitude of this new discovery. One thing is certain they are now going to rewrite the books on Easegill, as the world focuses on this new most recent find. Is it then world class? - who knows! Go there and see it for yourself, this, the Virgin of the Alley, a quantum leap into the far western reaches of our longest (now even longer) cave.

Discovered by Hugh St Lawrence, dug open by Wot Dabney, Pete Hall, Nigel and Phil Luff on 13.03.94 after approx. 20 hours of digging over 3 days.

Jason Pitman

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