The rain poured down upon Crag Hill
And soon the water reached the Gill
It disappeared underground
Into Top Sinks, then on down
To Limerick the water washed
(that’s where potholers get lost)
Then under Nagasaki’s halls
Through Whiteway with its calcite walls,
Past Green and Smelly which had been
Discovered with some fluoroceine
Then on from here for quite a
To Stop Pots giant boulder pile.
(Watch what
you touch and please take care,
There’s hanging
boulders everywhere.)
From here the water soon gets deeper,
Round a corner then …… Eureka!
Downstream the roof gets very low
And not a lot of people go.
George Conies has done it once,
it’s said
But then he could be pulling legs.
Through Lower Snail the stream has gone
And re-emerges to flow on
Past Maracaibo’s entrance squeeze
someone take me in there please!
I’d like to see If those formations
Live up to their reputations.
When Oxbow Corners choke is passed
find the bests been saved for last.
passage full of waterfalls
With clean washed limestone scalloped walls
And pools and chutes and waterspouts
For half a
mile or thereabouts.
Too soon the stream gets wide and slows
And over shingle banks it flows
Until it goes around a bend
And then the cave comes to an end.
For with a gurgle and a glump
The water flows into the Bump.

C Wilkinson
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