Flood Entrance Pot


Team:          Neil Pacey and Paul Wilkinson

A midweek caving trip to do a classic Yorkshire pothole away from the weekend hoards!!!  Ange couldn’t join us as planned because of work so the daring duo set off for Clapham after Neil had fettled the tackle required.

One long walk later we arrived at Flood Entrance. Neil had three tackle bags of rope but had soon rigged the first and second pitches. It is a magnificent passage in a superb, classic system.

We had soon climbed the “handline for safety” areas, It seems like a pretty foul joke to me, carrying all that tackle for a flight of steps. Still, we didn’t have to climb through a waterfall that time. An excellent final pitch landed us in South East Pot, a fine piece of cave architecture and a more enjoyable route into the system than abbing down Bar!

At the bottom we charged off towards the Main Chamber after tying the rope off to a substantial belay, none of us fancied doing “Tarzan-Leaps” for the rope over a hundred foot plus chasm! After the short comfortable crawling and annoying stooping passage we rounded a corner to hear the immense, roaring, pounding noise of Fell Beck falling 365 feet.

As is usual for people who have not been into the Main Chamber before, I was totally mindblown and staggered about the chamber with my mouth wide open and eyes like dinner plates! (Can I come for therapy as well Tony?) Very impressive. I too had wanted to see the Main Chamber for some time but first had to serve my apprenticeship on such classics as Marble Sink and Quaking Pot before being allowed to do “proper” potholes. Not being used to large spacious caverns we soon left for the more comfortable surroundings of South East Passage and the rest of the return journey.
On the way out we got slightly lost but made it out eventually after plenty of Neanderthal stooping. A fairly smooth de-rig saw us within daylight less than four hours previously. I must confess to finding these “classics” great fun, however I still prefer a touch of misery and digging at the weekends.
Go for it. Get validated, grab the tackle and enjoy yourself a great days potholing!

Paul Wilkinson

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