The Ten Newtonian Laws


1. †††††††††††††††††† This place needs some serious bar work!

2.††††††††† It was taking the whole of the gill.

3. †††††††† Iíll have to come back with a bigger bar.

4. †††††††† It make a mockery of the whole survey!

5. †††††††† Turn that *!%!*!! radio off - I come up here for some peace and quiet.

6. †††††††† My bar went in right up to the end - I nearly lost it!

7. †††††††† I canít understand that film, not one photo came out.

8. †††††††† If you donít look you donít find.

9. †††††††† But it just canít end like this, it must go!

10. ††††††† And it was draughting like hell!


Anonymously written by Sandra Wilkinson

(well you wouldnít hit a woman with glasses would you!)


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