The Crawling Meet: - “Hats Off to Hensler”

Team:      Neil Pacey and Pete Hall

We rushed up to Flood Entrance because there was a lot of other people about and we wanted to get there first. Fortunately they were all going to Bar Pot and Dihedral Route. A smooth descent to South East Pot and after fighting our way through the crowds coming in at Bar Pot we located New Henslers (at the second attempt). With our new kneepads we romped through the duck to Disappointment Pot and headed up Mud Henslers.

More hands and knees crawling led to a liquid mud pool and a slippery climb up into Far East Passage. After a chat with MUSS we headed through the Main Chamber and down to Old Henslers, the highlight of the trip!  Flat out crawling led to a pool which was a flat crawl, half full of very cold water for several hundred feet. We thought it was never going to end. Eventually we came to a T-junction and went right through more flat out crawling, eventually emerging where we had started in Mud Henslers.
Then we went back out of Flood Entrance Pot with a bloke called Steve (a mine explorer in the Lake District and a mate of Steve Round) who was bored of waiting at Bar Pot. Out of the cave after 4.5 hours underground.

Pete Hall.

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