Hagg Gill Photographic Trip


Team:       Jim Newton, Claire Wilkinson, Tony Clarke and his friend Pete, Bernard and his friend, Bert Savage, Mark Savage, Adrian Savage, Phil Wright.

Hagg Gill is in Langstrothdale near Buckden. We went there to film the formations with Phil’s new video camera. Down the entrance pitch to Shatter Pot and upstream through a large streamway. There is only one tight bit with some water in the bottom which no-one liked as they had to lie full length in it, but being quite short I could get away with crawling. The formations were really nice in this area as all the curtains have serrated edges and underneath them there were loads and loads of what looks like tiny gour pools about 2cm long similar to those hill sides in China where they have all been terraced.

The passage soon widens out until Rumpty Tumpty passage is entered. This is a huge 70ft high rift with a large formation called the Wedding Cake which was the first camera stop. Here Phil blinded everyone with his light he used for filming, a car headlight powered by a massive battery that Mark said weighed a ton (he had to carry it). After the Wedding Cake the passage changes again so it is winding like the Wretched Rabbit passage but not tight. The second camera stop was in this passage where in two of the bends the whole right hand wall is covered in helictites, these are all white and not damaged. Jim had a bit of a disaster here where he dropped his flashgun into the stream and broke it.

We carried on in the streamway to Moonmilk Corner to look at the straws. Loads of white calcite had flowed out of the roof covering over all the boulders and makes the pebbles look like mushroom tops. We continued on past some nice white angel’s wings to Waterfall Chamber which is as far as the cave goes. On the way out we went through some deep pools to have a look at the sump as I had never seen one before. It was black and ‘orrible looking and covered in scummy brown froth. On returning to Shatter Pot we found a queue for the ladder so I went for a look up the other passage which has also got a lot of helictites in it.

We eventually all got out after Tony, Phil, Adrian and Mark gave Pete a “good pull on the lifeline”. He cane shooting up the pitch and didn’t hardly touch the rungs at all. Unfortunately he got to the squeeze at the top of the pitch still holding onto the bottom rungs of the ladder. Finally we got him untangled and went to the pub. All in all a good trip.

Claire Wilkinson.

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