Ease Gill Project

This project, revolving around the caves of Ease Gill and mainly run by Red Rose members consists of three parts.

a)Re-rigging of pitches,

b)Re-survey of the system,

c)Conservation of both the surface and underground features.

Money for funding the project is being raised by the sale of a colour poster of part of the cave available at Bull Pot Farm (price £2.00) and other fund raising activities in the future. A Jeff Jefferson Research Grant is being applied for.

Re-rigging of pitches.

This forms part of the on-going bolting work which is taking place in a number of popular caves across the Dales, where 8mm anchors are being replaced with DMM resin bonded anchors. So far Lancaster Hole and Cow Pot have been rigged with DMM anchors

Next on the list will be Pool Sink. Where ever possible they are being rigged so that a pull through of a rope is possible so that through trips can be undertaken.
In future it
may prove necessary to replace or remove some of the fixed ladders from the system. The fixed ladder down to the Graveyard will certainly be removed and replaced with two DMM anchors for use with a standard electron ladder, to be taken into the cave by each party, as the present ladder is dangerous with missing rungs and a poor belay.

Re-survey of Ease Gill Caverns

Through out the 1980ís Frank Addis from the North Manchester Caving Club plus others started a re-survey of the system. This proved necessary as more and more bits of the old CRG survey proved to be inaccurate and new discoveries meant that the survey was added to without knowing exactly where to stall surveying from. Frank has now left the country but passed his work onto the Red Rose. The Club also has several miles of passage surveyed and this can be added to Frankís work.
All the entrances have
been accurately located, fixed survey stations established
underground and Molephone bases established underground and on the Fell. These will help to accurately fix the cave to known points using a computer program recently purchased by the Club (SMAPS Ver.5) So far the following passages have been surveyed:

1 †††††† Almost all of the Ease Gill Near Series

2 †††††† Main route from Top Sink to Holbeck Junction

3 †††††† High level as far West as Diarnond Hall

4) †††† Sylvester Pot area

5) †††† Boundary Pot Corner Sink and Swindon Hole, County Caves

A start has already been made on Top Sink area and Pool Sink as this can be done in association with the bolting. The survey is to be published in sections, with a guide book and photographs, on a larger scale than the earlier surveys. The first section will be from Top Sink to Holbeck Junction.


The Red Rose recently appointed a Conservation Officer (Neil Pacey) and already we have had a major dean up of the system in which 116Kg of rubbish was removed from the system. This included an amazing collection of scrap iron and a large amount of spent carbide. In future please take your spent carbide home with you. Lengths of rubber inner tube are available at the farm for this purpose. Other clean ups are to be held in the future and we hope to re-tape off formations fairly soon. Surface conservation work is also planned including the replacing of stiles and footpath erosion repairs

If you would like to help in any way with The Ease Gill Project see me, Anne Hodgson or Ray Duffy.

Andy Hall.

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