Mallorca 1991.

Upon announcing that Jaq. and I were going to Mallorca on an earl holiday (May) we were overwhelmed with maps, surveys and trips for which I thank everyone. In spite of me telling everyone it was a quite walking holiday everybody assumed we were going caving, but alas no. I did however slip a boiler suit, lamp and rope into the luggage.

We were walking on a ridge on the first day when it started to thunder and lightning so we headed off down a dry torrent, as the call the stream beds in Mallorca. After climbing down several dry waterfalls and bypassing some as the going gets rough Jaq. decided she had had enough and set off for the road down the hillside.

I continued down the stream bed and on the nexct climb down I found
a hole about 2ft by 3ft in the middle of a limestone cliff. I returned
a couple of days later with a light and climbed in using 2 inch gour
as handholds, unfortunately the passage turned a corner and after ten
feet was calcited up.

The sun came out in the middle of the holiday and we began walking around the area, making plans for a go at the ridge above Cala san Vicente. However on the last two days which we had ticked off for the ridge it rained. While moaning to the landlord about the weather he told me about a cave on the outskirts of town which started as a crawl but got much bigger, this was confirmed by an old English chap who had been on holiday there for nine years.

After a long search I found the eight foot high, mushroomed shaped stone obelisk which was the marker for the cave. I crossed the road and climbed the double wall and there was a ten foot square concrete box built against a limestone cliff. Inside it was tipped pans, kettles and rocks blocking the cave entrance. It Obviously needed digging out and I had no time.

But if YOU ever go to Cala san Vicente, there it is!

Jim Newton.

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