Knock Fell Caverns Revisited. 4/11/90

T.Tanner,  R.Bliss,  B.Holden,  S.Holden,  J.Farrar,  J.Newton,  D. Wade.

10 am Sunday morning, Dufton car park, and there we had a Red Rose trip starting off on time. Cold but bright morning, but some had their tales of woe the after effects of the bonfire party, too much booze, too little sleep. But there were to be no excuses and Jim Newton soon led the caravan of cars off in the direction of Great Dunn Fell.
arriving at the parking place we quickly changed, encouraged by the frost covered ground and miniature artic gale. quick walk up the road and across the fell soon had Jim Newton at the entrance, and a ladder dropped down. Jim Farrar and I exchanged a few philosophical remarks regarding ladders as a means of descent, but we were soon down, a short 20 ft. in a constricted shaft.

After passing through a couple of short crawly bits the passage became walking sized; Jim N. consulted his trusty survey and we moved off through the system. There were several stops for further consultation of this bit of paper; after a few wrong turnings we came to the first of the pretties - cameras were cut. Then Jim N. was off again and although he disappeared from sight contact was regained after the sound of falling rock and an irate shout, thereafter we reached a cavern with an attractive angels wing and stals.

It was then decided that we should see if we could find our way back out of the maze, in the event, following nice plastic markers, this was no problem. It is an unusual cave system, the passages continually crossing at right angles, and the rock structure giving the appearance ct stone walling. In many areas the walls and roof appear to be somewhat loose and we spent same time wondering what was holding the place together.
Short but interesting and enjoyable trip.

Dick Wade,

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