Knock Fell Caverns. 13/10/90.

A.Hall,  P.Luff,  P.Muckalt,  P.Llewellyn,  J.Newton.


Thanks Andy for organizing the trip to Knock Fell Caverns. This must have been Roger Sutcliffe’s last find before his tragic death in the snow in Scotland.


When Andy showed us the survey, it looked like a roll of wire netting laid out. Perhaps that’s what frightened you off, or was it the height of the entrance, 2500 ft. Higher than Ingleborough. Only five Red Roses turned up, suitably equipped with compasses, candles, and extra lights. The warden said he’d left a 2’ square stake in the hole to show us the entrance. After we had combed the area twice I found the stake; in the bottom of a shakehole!


Soon down the ladder and sticking together like glue especially as Andy had the survey. We decided to look to the South of the system where the biggest caverns are, and after a bit of trial and error eventually made it to Merlins Chamber and soon realised why it is so called. It needs a magician to hold up the hanging blocks!

We then went up the East side, enjoying the formations and the 1ft. band of fossil shells and corals which extend through the whole system. It was getting late so we decided to come back later to explore the North West of the system. Meanwhile Pete L. and Phil bravely took a sight off the survey and headed straight down the middle to Scotch Corner, a chamber with five leads off, and we hit it dead on!

We came out to a fine evening and a good view of the golf ball on Dunn Fel.


Jim Newton.


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