Dow Cave 19/8/90

T.Tanner, R.Bliss, F.Wilkinson, J.Newton, and 4 others.

A reasonable turnout for an attractive meet. Too attractive going by the number of people that we met in the cave, fortunately they were just going in the old cave and looking at the duck in Dowber Gill passage,

Due to the rain overnight, the cave was alive and it took a while before we finally found the way up through the boulder choke into the new? series. We lost Ron and Tony on the way up as they were taking photos. There is no truth in the rumour that Tony disappeared doing a repeat of his last appearance down Dow on the RRCPC 21st. birthday celebration.

It is certainly an exciting passage up to the hanging gardens. The passage must be 70ft. high, with a good stream flowing down the waterfalls that have to be free climbed.
Bernard and I were boring everyone so much with our tales of when we were last up there 30 years ago, that we had difficulty finding the pretties, although when we finally found them, they were better than I remembered them. There was so much steam however that I hope it hasnít affected the photos.

Jim Newton.

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