Cow Dubs Cave.

Cow Dubs Cave or Blind Pot, (the original NF’C name), has been recently connected with Butter-fields Passage. It is situated next to the natural bridge of Cow Dubs where an obvious dig is visible next to the rock face.

However the cave is regular ‘injun country’ starting with a loose dig entrance which then plunges into a wet bedding crawl with little airspace, rising to a wider and higher dry section. Here one can drop down a 6-ft. rib of rock into a small constricted tube like passage, twisting until it soon emerges at the foot of some hideous ‘hangers’ blocking the end of Butter-fields Passage.

During wet weather the cave can flood about 10ft, above the entrance and takes a tremendous volume of water; therefore on no account should it be attempted in fickle conditions.

Paul Wilkinson.

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