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The club has recently received a letter from our Hon Member Wilf. Taylor, who now lives in New Zealand. He enclosed an articles for the library on Wiri Lava Cave, which is under threat of being quarried away. He missed a trip down this cave but explored another in West Auckland, situated in someoneís back garden.

He writes:

Now as for Wiri Mountain its about a mile and a half from this house. A modern road goes over the top of the cave. In fact Iíve been driving over the top of the bloody thing, and did not know it was there. Since the article was written the quarry company has got stuck in with modern machines and the rate things are going theyíll have the 500ft. mountain leveled in about two years. They have already covered in the entrance with loose metal and made a truck park there.

They claim that the cave is dangerous; but there is a way in. Itís on the grass verge, off the road down a manhole. This manhole is welded to stop people entering. One of these days Iíll cut the weld and go down ó Iím not an engineer for nothing.

Please thank the club for the last news letter, it was a good one. Youíve certainly got some witty bastards in the club. They remind me of George Cornes, myself, and Jim Eyreís. We were a shower of bastards too. Hope to hear from you soon.

Wilf. Taylor.

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