One Day in Easegill.

On a beautiful fine day Cornes and myself decided that we would explore Easegill and find a way into Lancaster Hole. We started at the top and poked our way down, without success to just above Cow Dubs. The beck which was running quite well disappeared into the bed of the stream.

We concluded with great brain power that there must be something down below. At that moment Lucky Comes said “Do you hear that Wilf”. I did hear it. “An underground waterfall”. We tracked the sound to a pile of rocks about twenty feet away we pulled out a
few rocks but alas there were plenty more. But Lucky Comes did it again, he pulled out the rock and there it was, “a hole”. I soon dropped through and looked down the waterfall. As George came from Oxford we named it “Oxford Pot”.
Some time later, one night during the week Cores and I explored Oxford Pot, and of course it turned out to be a very nice system but it didn’t go into Lancaster Pot, Or at least not at first, But Oxford is a very nice Pot indeed and going through “The Snake’ for the -first time was a great thrill.

Some time later, on a survey trip, Arthur Gemell fell through a hole in the floor of one passage. Boy was I scared, I had visions of broken legs. How the hell can you get a man through “The Snake” with broken legs? But my panic was soon over, when I climbed down to him and asked him if he was alright, his only answer was “ I’ve lost my pencil”.

Another Day in Easegill.

Cores and I began to explore the gill below Cow Dubbs. We didn’t have any luck so at the bottom of the dry waterfall half way down the gill are two small caves. I went up the right hand cave and Cores the left. I could see his light as there is a bedding plane at the end. I thought that I could turn round in my passage but I couldn’t. I certainly worked up a sweat. I tried all ways to back out without much luck.

But was Cornes to the rescue? He couldn’t get to me as he was too big, but he could reach my ankles. A good pull and I was out.

We next lit a fire in the middle of the beck bed. We were very happily brewing up when we heard a lot of cracks and bangs. It was a fine beautiful day so I said to Cornes  “Someone’s shooting up top of the gill.”

At that moment a wall of water came over the top and nearly drowned us. Damned good job we were out of the cave or we would have drowned, Funny thing is I’d never seen Ease Gill flood before, and I never saw it flood again but it certainly did that day.
Yes Cornes was a “lucky man”.

All the best!     Wilf Taylor.

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