Bullpot 1934.

Bullpot where I lived in 1934, of course there was no electric light, only paraffin lamps and candles. No hot water, only what was in the boiler by the side of the old black range.

I still have what we called a ladling can, with a handle, with which we used to get the hot water out.

No bathroom or toilet, but there was a little WC in a building alongside the back door.

I remember cutting old clothes up to make hearth rugs and little door mats, we still have two door mats, I just canít throw them away, sentimental. There were no fitted carpets, bedroom floors were covered in oilcloth, with our homemade mats jotted around.

We made butter, I still have mothers butter bowl and the acorn print she used to stamp on the blocks of butter.

The postman came three days a week; just fancy walking all the way up and down that long road to Kirby Lonsdale. I picture the journey he had every time we ride up to Bull Pot. There was no tarred road in those days. We always had to walk down the fell onto the Barbondale road, we had a hut at the bottom of the fell for our bicycles, then we rode on to Barbon. I had an auntie who lived at High Bank and we always called there, perhaps to change our wet clothes.

Bull Pot seems to be going into decay now with no farmer to keep things up. The walls are falling down, there used to be a good wall around the cave. The old barn has tumbled in. The field across from the house was a hay field called Moss Meadow, it is all rushes now.

There was no machinery in those days, all the work was done by hand rakes, one horse did all the mowing of the grass, when I look back I just donít know how we got through.

The big kitchen in the house was used when the shooting parties came and had their meals.

I would like to see the rooms again and picture what used to be.

A lot of potholers came around in our day from Leeds, they had wash themselves in that little beck.

I left Bull Pot when I married. Well now, this is just a little peep into bysgone days.

R. A. Bindloss.

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