From: C. R Salisbury B .A.,                                                                                           Woodlands
Jack Hill,,
Grange over Sands,

3rd. November 1986

Mr, Hutchinson                                                                                                               Hon Secretary, Red Rose Cave & Pothole Club

Dear Mr, Secretary,

I refer to our telephone conversation on Tuesday of this week. We are a Small society of  professional archaeologists carrying out research into early human occupation of caves within the local karsts. During the course of our research we have discovered new and important evidence pointing to occupations and exploitation far earlier than had bean previously acknowledged.

During our work we have encountered many problems which have been more than adequately resolved by Jim Newton and  Jim Farrer. Our work is continuing and will do so for many years to come, we highly value the work and contribution of both Jim
Newton and Jim Farrer and many other members of your club.

 On the advice of the British Museum we are preparing papers for international publication and write to inform you that the valuable contribution made by messrs. Newton and Farrer will be acknowledged in these publications as will the  contributions made by other member of your club.

We trust this  meets with your approval. Some time ago we wrote a small item for your newsletter and neglected to forward it to you, I attach a copy for your use, I trust you will find it of interest.

 We can offer your club a little reward for it’s effort save published acknowledgments and also our offer of a visit to Bullpot Farm at some time in the future to give a talk to your members on our work.  We have slides available and a short film made on site recently or educational purposes.

 Yours faithfully

 C. R. Salisbury 



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