Now for Something Different.

Seeking something different from Notts Pot on rope, Dough, John and I decided to look at the passage that Dough had found the last time we were up in Boulder Hall.
Stu Marshall was wanting to take his mates from Birmingham University somewhere so he asked if it was OK to come along. Garth and Mick had already set off for Trident, so we hoped to catch them up.

After introducing everyone to Chocolate Traverse, we aimed for Boulder Chamber. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, Garth and the university lads climbed up into a rift which went up two, twenty foot pitches before closing up. Garth lit up a cigarette to test the draught, but apart from choking the chamber with smoke, nothing.

Meanwhile, back at Boulder Hall, Doug and Stu were getting the boulder, which blocked the passage, out of the way. They then found it was too tight, however Garth stripped off his battery and squeezed in

“I can see a chamber”; he said as he thrutched in.                                                          

He was soon through and standing up and was very quite. “Does it go?” We shouted.

“There’s footprints!” He replied.

Disappointed, we retired, but decided to have a look at Innominate. Here, due to the manpower, we managed to drag out the large rock which had thwarted us before. Then Stu went mad with the crowbar and started ripping out the bedrock wall which had seemed a stopper. The draught started blowing again, but as it was getting late we decided to leave it till next week.

Jim Newton.

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