Le Flic et Le Feu.

Chaz, Nick, Simon, and Pete, returning from the Berger, arrived at Le Harvre around 7.00pm., the boat though didnít leave until 5.00am the next morning. Just to help pass the time they visited several drinking dens. Later they returned to their car, which was in a long line of vehicles awaiting the ferry.

Something was missing, then they realised, the night was not the same without a camp fire! A solution was soon found - they piled their remaining carbide in a heap, added water and a match and voila! one camp fire. The night was looking up as they sat around the fire drinking cans of beer. But - somebody didnít agree and up turned a gendarme:

In a truly British attempt to relieve the situation, and himself, Chaz watered the fire, the result, as can be imagined was dramatic; resulting in the departure of the gendarme, last seen heading off up the high street.

All survived to make the crossing the next day.

Keith Wright.

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