Odd Bits About Pushing & What If’s.

In his youth Ron Bliss thought that the inlet passages around Stake Pot looked interesting. In 1971 the Earby Pothole Club moved some boulders and found the Earby Series. To rub salt into the wound in 1973 the Craven P.C. had a further look at the avens below Bobs Boss and found the Magic Roundabout.

In 1973 Andy Eavis climbed 80ft. up Echo Aven in the Far Reaches of the Earby Series and found a narrow choked fissure under the roof bedding plane. He noted a major inlet passage on the other side of the aven but decided that from it’s direction, that inlets in Easegill around Hairy Fissure were it’s only feeders - that inlet now leads to Hilton Hall, Link Pot, and Pipikin Pot.

In 1967 we said that the Battle of Britain Hall in the Upper Trident series could be Joined to Spout Hall by “determined work”. In 1972 M.U.S.S. connected Spout Hall to Battle of Britain and found the Manchester Bypass. They also found the Gallery Extension at the same time - but years later R.R. connected the Gallery Extension to Upper Moluscan Hall.

In 1967 we surmised that a connection existed from the top of the big rift in Wretched Rabbit and the bed of Ease Gill - in 1984 Lol German’s dog showed us where to dig.

In 1978 Jim Newton passed a group of N.P.C. diggers near Hairy Fissure in the gill. “I’ll come back next year and see how you re getting on”. And he left them to it. They somewhat took the hint and ended up digging about 15ft away from that spot and a week later they were into Hilton Hall, Link.

In 1967 an inlet was noticed in Waterfall passage. In 1984 Andy Walsh told Jim Birchall and Andy Lomax to have a look. Andy was showing Jim how big buggers can traverse across the top of waterfall passage when he fell off and down a 15ft. to land horizontal at Jim’s feet, we made a groggy retreat. Later Jim told Bill Whitehead about this inlet, later Bill & Co. found Hemmingway Hall.

In 1985 Andy Hall, Graham Leach, Jim Birchall and Andy Lomax were in Pegleg Pot. Andy was digging at the well known drafting choke. Jim and Andy got cold so decided to leave, Andy and Graham got lonely and eventually followed them out.

In 1986 N.C.C and D.C.C. had a dig at that spot and a few boulders later discovered S500ft of passage.

And of course we did look up an old inlet near Oxbow Corner - Maracaibo, and we did look up an inlet in Fall Pot - Woodhouse Way.

BUT what is waiting? Diamond Hall Dig, Cannuck climb dig, the end of Maple Leaf passage needs digging, North Way from Mainline Terminus, the climb down at Gypsum Cavern, Mucky Rucks (Earby Series) “continues”. And while everybody’s busy looking south for connections in the three counties system, what about looking north? Technically Aygill Caverns are not connected to the Easegill system, wet or dry nobody has got through. There is not even a reasonable survey of the area concerned, (around Casterton Pot). And what happens north of the New Year Series in Aygill?

Jim Birchall.

Well nudge, nudge, an article in the last news letter, and one in this, concerning the rewards of digs. Perhaps next year more of us should get out our buckets and spades and join Jim Newton in his digs. Ed.

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