Ignorance is Bliss.

Jim and Keith decided to have a look at Ignorance is Bliss. Just beyond the stalls. below PJ and you can start to climb up. Keep on climbing till you see the roof. There is a passage at this level, follow it along to a T junction. Left soon chokes up, but right carries on till it silts up. Just before this there is an 8ft climb into a bedding plane. Follow this to a cross passage, turn left and along. Soon a large chamber is met; Cotton Chamber. There are the remains of an old rope ladder and R. Bliss graffiti on the wall.
careful decent through a squeeze takes you into the chamber proper. A hole in the floor can be carefully descended (it’s slippery) to a stream. You‘re in Lower Pierces Passage just upstream of Eurika Junction. This was the original route into the Far Series. History is re-explored.

Keith Wright and Jim Birchall.

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