Dan-Yr-Ogof†† (Saturday)

J. Newton, B. Holden, D. Wade, N. Pacey, J. Farrar G. Leach, and Brian (SWCC)

Brian from the SWCC agreed to take us into DYO as he was going to fix the fixed aid at the rising.

The lakes could be passed without swimming (which was just as well)
Very pleasant going until the Long Crawl. The Long Crawl was longer but not as constricted as I remember.

Dropping into Gerald Platten Hall we all sat around waiting for Dick - we waited and waited - eventually Dick turned up looking very red and very knackered. [I still say it was very tight. Ed] After an even longer rest we set off down the very impressive
Grand Canyon through Monk Hall to the even more impressive cloud chamber. This is what Jim had brought his camera for. Dick had also brought his camera in a large ammo box. This is when we discover that Dicks ammo box is the weight of a large suitcase - Full of bricks. (Buy a lighter ammo box Dick)

Next the Green Canal - only Bill and myself swam the canal with Brian (perhaps other members canít swim) - We spent a long time at the rising, replacing the rungs on the fixed ladder. Before Brian had finished Bill and I made our way back to the Green Canal taking pictures on the way. We agreed to meet Brian at Mont Hall.
I left Bill there and went on and - found Jim, Dick, Jim, and Neil in Gerald Platten Hall and I agreed to meet them the other side of the Long Crawl Back with Bill and Brian we continued to take photos -. especially in Flabbergasm Oxbow.
All together again we continued out, posing together near Pot Sump for a group photo.
Finally exiting through the superb lakes.

Gramam Leach

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