South Wales 87.

Most of it seems to have been said, as far as the caving goes anyway. But, There wasn’t just the caving. The Red Rose arrived almost two by two. The first were Neil Pacey and Dick Wade, who traveled overnight. We had thought it best as we didn’t know the way. We reached Ystradgynlais at about 6am., having taken the long way round so as to cross the Severn bridge. Now we had to follow Jim Newton’s directions. We went up several side roads looking f or the quarry. No luck, but eventually we were able to get directions from a farmer.

We reached the quarry, drive between two waste tips we had been told, we did, and found ourselves overlooking the quarry with no way on. Still we spotted the cottages. As it was only 8am ish and knowing cavers habits we decided to return to the village and footle around for a couple of hours. This we did, visiting some waterfall, very impressive a 70ft fall I would think. We then returned to the SWCC hut and got our heads down.

I awoke to hear Jim Newton’s dulcet tones, Jim Farrar and Bill Holden were with him. After we had settled in and eaten we were led to the Copper Beech in (if the roadside sign was to be believed) Abercrap. Graham Leach really timed his arrival, just after last orders.

Saturday morning Graham and Bill enjoyed themselves winding up Jim Farrar and myself; I thought they were exaggerating the Long Crawl. I learned my error as I was led, innocent, into the thing, and then had to force my self through. As we were coming out of the cave there was a party of the public, we knew that they were there as there was a child screaming blue murder, we turned a corner and there she was looking back over her fathers shoulder. As soon as she caught sight of us she immediately became silent, whether with awe or pure terror was not ascertained. That night we all enjoyed a well earned pint. Some supped more enthusiastically than others. Jim Newton was heard to remark, as he returned to the table bearing glasses that had contained pints before they left the bar; “They’ve filled these too full.” Rumour has it that night time entertainment was provided by Neil. I didn’t hear a thing, I slept the sleep of the exhausted and just. After the two trips made on the Sunday we again visited the pub, Neil was offered several pints by generous South Wales members.

Monday the return home, an enjoyable weekend, but surprising and disappointing that so few members took part.

Dick Wade.

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