When I visit the Dales, my world is anew,
With the breeze in my face and the heather so new.
I follow the wind and search for the views.
Itís like in my dreams, but this is all true
The hills are so big and the sky so blue,
Birds sing above as if to welcome you
Trees & flowers so fresh arid green
Smile above knowing they are free.
I walk a valley and dusk starts to fall
My dales start to change to the beauty of it all.
Stars come out but, the moon lights my way,
To find the road leading the homeward way.
I call at an inn to taste the bre,
And talk to friends both old & new,
Of walks in the Dales and years that have flown
Of times spent in caves or rambling alone.
Where Mother Nature give her show for free,
For all of those who want to see.
We talk on & on, but time marches on,
Sosay goodbye and Iím on my way
Back down the road leading the homeward way.
The journey is short and slowly I wend,
My day in the Dales has come to an end.
I wait for my bus with saddening heart,
Knowing it will take me back to my start,
Into the city here nothing is free,
And the air tastes of soot from a grey factory.
So this is the end of perfect day,
Spoilt only by its passing away.

R. Allsopp


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