Woodhouse Way

What a delightful passage this is; full of surprises. Admittedly, the start is a bit wet and grotty, but as one goes on it gets better and better. Andy wanted. to take some photos for a talk he was giving and thus I was required to stand on that rock, lay in this puddle, put the flash here, point the flash there. Much to my surprise we had very few failures. With Andy’s .reputation for duff gear I had assumed that we would get one, or maybe two, shots before the camera and/or the flash disintegrated into soggy nothingness. Instead, a whole reel was taken. I especially remember the climb up, and subsequent entrance into Bat Chamber (or Surprise Hall it would be aptly named.) We had not visited Hemorrhoid Hall long enough to find out if that was well named, though Andy, of course, took great relish in describing how and why it was called this. The fixed electron ladder looked quite grotty - I wonder how long this will remain safe.  I was glad I had taken my wet suit hood, especially as I spent some time stuck in the third duck: every move I made seemed to cut off my air supply.

I object to the proposal of a certain large club member to blast ‘the calcite barrier away. If he can’t get through this, then he has a lot of blasting to do to get through to the larger passages. Might I suggest he goes on a diet?......

Grahame Leach.

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