Lost Johns

Sunday morning saw a milling crowd in Bull Pot Farm kitchen eagerly questioning each new arrival. Have you got a tackle key. By l0.45am, desperation —, no sign of a key holder; and then, joy of joys, Jim Newton turned up with a key. The boys and girls could go out to play.

By this time teams had been picked; Bill Holden and his ladder men versus the ‘rope boys’ led by the Hon President, young Tony Tanner. The rules state that during officia1 club meets the ladder men could kick off first and choose which way they would play. Bill opted for a Christian stance —, Pulpit, Dome and Cathedral. This left ‘All the President’s Men’ with a biological job — Centipede. 

The plan would be that the Rope Boys would act as sherpas and cart all the ladders down Centipede and leave them at the top of the Stemple Traverse Pitches. The original plan also included that Tony’s men would leave the basic Stemple route clear by traversing on past the bolt to the free hanging l00ft pitch. And then like all the best laid plans, a last minute change. Bill’s men had doubts as to whether the weather would enable them to go beyond the end of the Stemple Traverse....,

The results? …..  .Extreme confusion and congestion on the Stemple Traverse pitches - rope boys returning up the pitches as ladder men descended. Within an hour, six men had climbed out and eight men had gone down, and if you are good at arithmetic, you will be able to work out how many bottomed the pot. For the uneducated it works out at 14.


Bull Pot Farm Old Boys.       President’s First Team. 

Bill Holden, Captain              Tony Tanner, Major                                            

Grahame Leach                      Andy Smith                                                                                                                    

Dave Crellin                            Frank Croll                                                             

Craig Oliver                            Paul Holdcroft                                                    

 Bernard Taylor                      Tony Gamble                                                        

John Rutledge                         Brian Kirland                                                         

Peter Worth  

Adrian Fisher                                                                                                                                                 

Chris Wilcox  

Olwen Birch  

Hugh St Lawrence  

The result?  A win for Tony. He outranked Bill.

Frank Croll.

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