Hunt Pot

A.Burke,  F.Croll,  G.Leac.h,  P.Saville & K.Lewis (To the entrance.)

The general consensus of opinion was that Hunt Pot would be too wet to descend. I was beginning to wish I had gone off to the Lakes, but eventually we set off for Brackenbottom.

At the Bradford hut, Keith discovered that he had left his helmet & cell behind. None of us were surprised, we had all noticed Keith’s tremendous enthusiasm.

The entrance was reached about 3:15 p.m. and there was quite a lot of water going down, but not as much as w& had all expected. Ropes & ladders were rigged and we all abseiled down to the ledge approximately 100 feet down. The landing spot was quite dry apart from a little spray. The second pitch (60ft.), looked like it hung in the waterfall but once over the lip we discovered that it hung surprisingly clear of the water. At the bottom the stream flowed to both ends of the rift. The way on was to the right (facing the pitch) and down a boulder slope. The 40 foot climb up was found and Al made short work of it putting down a ladder for Frank I to use. Paul not to be out done, free climbed it. Up a 12 foot climb and a short crawl and we were on the Shrapnel Pot route, at the bottom of an aven. Water was coming down this and we followed it descending a 10 foot climb to the final pitch of 50 feet. A ladder was rigged and it looked like a very fine free hang, but I decided not to go down as we had not brought a lifeline. Paul & Al descended while frank of the same mind as myself, kept me company. Eventually they returned and we set off back to the main chamber.

The other three prussiked up the 2nd. pitch and I climbed the ladder. The procedure was repeated on the 1st. pitch and I came up 1st. again on the ladder. The first seven or eight feet was climbing up around a rock buttress which separates the dry ledge from the pool where the entrance pitch water lands. I pulled the ladder up behind me at this point, as there were plenty of snags to hold the ladder.
The next nine or so feet as a fine free hang ladder climb, also imagine it would make a good prussik pitch. I think I actually prefer climbing pitches of 100 foot or less on ladders, although I imagine that this could be quite incomprehensible to some.

Under floor heating is definitely something to be desired and an enjoyable shower ( Thanks Bradford) after an enjoyable trip. Thanks, Al, Frank & Paul. There are some holes I definitely dislike. There are some holes I’d not particularly bothered about. And there are some that definitely feel like they nave some sort of magic quality. Even though there is not a lot of distance and depth to Hunt Pot I feel it falls into this last category.

Grahame Leach.


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