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On seeing the survey of the lone Ranger Series and contacting the CPC, it appears that a very small part of this passage is in fact the downstream end - found ten years ago - of Howgill Sink. However as the Lone Ranger enters Howgill as a flat out muddy dig it is unlikely that it would have been found from that end. The main interest is that Howe Gill is now tied in with Lancaster-Pippikin so that anything added to Howe Gill automatically goes on to the big system.

The upstream in Howe Gill is 10 feet wide but flat out in a stream of some size. A significant stream is heard in Finger Pot, 700 feet away and this water appears to come from Cow Dubs near by. As the entrance to Howe Gill was blocked two weeks after its discovery, the upstream was not fully pushed. So with a bit of effort up to mile of stream way leading to an overflow from Cow Dubs remain to be found, with possibly inlets leading towards Leek Fell.

Ideally a dig near the entrance to Howe Gill in the rock face should provide an easy entrance - possibly made easier by entering via Link during the dig and trundling the Hanging Death Squeeze which has collapsed.

A. Walsh.


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