New Hole,Hazel Sike. †††††††SD 664819.

One of the few sunny days last year, Mike Taylor and myself dug in Hazel Sike. Result: One hole which collapsed with yours truly going to the pub till next time.

As a change from working at the farm and a flood on the 3rd. of February we walked over to find that a large hole had appeared under the aforementioned collapse. Heart pounding at the double I made a drop of some 12 feet followed by loose boulders into a chamber of hanging death. On investigation this proved to be about 15 feet in diameter with water sinking in the right-hand downstream corner.
Further down the valley is Molly Dot, one of Herbertís many finds. Well, Mike & I decided there must be some connection between the two. Molly Pot had been given the usual Red Rose slap-happy dig technique and was said to end in a very loose 25 foot pitch.

To date, you cart get Jim down to the area of this pitch. Well thatís what is reputed to be there. We are still digging.

P. Muckalt.



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